204 Customs Men’s Basketball – 2014 Fall Week3

on Sep 17, 2014 in Men's Basketball

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Game 1: Red vs Purple – “the Comeback”

With a 34-12 lead at half time you would think the Red team would be doing the ‘Shmoney’ dance en route to a win. But hold up, here comes Bal (5 for 11), Ervin (5 for 10) and Jass (5 for 8)! The comeback  would have been complete but Chris Ascunsion had other plans. Returning from his Mexican vacation, he brought out the Aztec in him with a padded stat line of 22pts, 6 rebs, 3 steals and a block, not to mention 3 for 4 behind the arc. Good to see TJ back with 16 of his own and help close this one out with the team!

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Game 2: Black vs Silver – “no love for Dean”

Black and Silver usually means Raider nation but this game was like a Football injury stat line. Marwin’s knee and Ryan’s heel could be costly for both teams. We wish them well and a healthy recovery.

Black focused on Brad (2 for 18) because it was obvious nobody could stop Christian (55%). The black attack consisted of Charles (18pts), Kit (16pts) and Ryan (13pts). Jeff with a breakout game of 8 pts made up for a scoreless Mike and Marwin. Dean was clearly fouled and should have been on the free-throw line, that would have at least drawn some cheers from the crowd.

The trio of Christian (23pts), Brad (13pts, 9 of 11 at the line) and Rio (12pts) was not enough to get the win. I’m sure game #2 of this series will be primetime just before the playoffs!

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See you all next week!