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richmond oval | 204 Customs

Slam Dunk and 3-Point Shootout West Coast Style

on Sep 21, 2011 in Basketball, Events

A basketball tournament just ain’t the same without the 3-Point Shootout and Dunk Contest. Cameron gets the honor of being Josh Masters’ partner for what would have been an epic dunk and I think Jules got the full workout as one of the Shootout rebounders. Great job kids! Some of those shooters were on fire but none could beat out Matt, definitely the smoothest operator of them all. The dunk comp, well need I say more …….. the whole time I was thinking to myself ………. I wish I was a little bit taller …...

West Coast Classic 2011

on Sep 19, 2011 in Basketball, Events

Thanks to the West Coast Crew for allowing 204 Customs the All Access pass to this years West Coast Classic. I tried to sum it all up in 7 minutes but it sure was fun to be involved. Got a chance to rub elbows with hoops influencers, streetball legends, D-League soon to be players, University ballers and overall just a great environment for a weekend of...

Team HangTime

on Jan 7, 2011 in 204 Projects, Vinyl, Volleyball

Co-Ed Volleyball anyone? Thanks to our good friends from Team Hangtime of The Urban Rec League Vancouver, they needed this custom Navy Volleyball tops made from lightweight, moisture management fabric to represent. V-necks for the ladies and crew neck for the fellas, throw on the custom white artwork and the Canucks number scheme and your set. Good luck guys and win lots of games ……….. and look good doing it...

204 Classic

on Aug 26, 2010 in 204 Projects, Basketball, Events

I just wanna say Thank You to all the fellas that came out and supported the 1st Annual 204 Classic.¬† Thanks to the Richmond Oval crew for hooking us up with a Team Room and an enjoyable 3 hrs. We can’t wait to do it again! Special thanks to John D for taking the time during his BC vacation to make an appearance. Good to see that you and your family are back home safe in CGY. There was a heavy Maples contingent representing that night, it’s too bad we couldn’t get the rest of the fellas together. A few Sisler homies and of course can’t forget about the St. B ballers. I hope all had a good time and I thought it was funny when one of the comments I heard was, “I’m tired, this is much bigger than Tyndall!” Hells yeah! Congrats to our Give Away winners: Mark B for the embroidered sweatshirt, Mike F for the performance top and Ryan A for the custom embroidered hat. My goal is to have a 2nd Annual, 3rd Annual, 4th Annual ……………so on and so forth. Enjoy whatever pics I could take and also, the last BUMP¬†game of the night in video...

The Big O!

on Aug 16, 2010 in 204 Projects, Events

Oval that is ………. The Richmond Oval is going to be something special for many years to come. I decided to take the public tour and you get to appreciate some of the Sustainability Concepts that were considered when this facility was built. As a start, why don’t you come and join us for some...