Minty Fresh Holiday Kicks – 2K13 Edition

on Jan 4, 2014 in Basketball, Kicks

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The prairies and the east coast may be getting hammered with bitter cold weather but out here on the west coast it doesn’t mean we can’t have icy cold kicks.

Pick-ups for the season:

2013hny_kicks1 2013hny_kicks2 2013hny_kicks3 2013hny_kicks4 2013hny_kicks5 2013hny_kicks6 2013hny_kicks7 2013hny_kicks8 2013hny_kicks9 2013hny_kicks10 2013hny_kicks11 2013hny_kicks12 2013hny_kicks13 2013hny_kicks14 2013hny_kicks15 2013hny_kicks16 2013hny_kicks17 2013hny_kicks18 2013hny_kicks19 2013hny_kicks20 2013hny_kicks21