Men’s League Winter 2017-2018 Stats

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9 teams in November, 2 remains in March! The numbers don’t lie....

Men’s League Winter 2016-2017 Week5 Results

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Team Standings [table id=24 /] Game1 – Black at Green (“Father and Son Edition”)   Takeaways: Not often do you see a father and son competing against each other. Soundbites from Rio before his game with Macky, “No Mercy!” He wasn’t lying because Team Black finally gets their first win of the season! On the expense of a Pat injury though 🙁 Get well with that ankle sprain Pat! I think Richard, Rick and Mike were the difference makers with Ian breaking out with 18 points. Good team effort on this night so it paid off. game stats Game2 – Carolina at Purple (“Old Bloodz vs Young Bloodz Edition”)   Takeaways: Another OT thriller for the Purple squad but this time losing out on the veteran Carolina team. A little biased you may say but this was an up and down game with multiple lead changes. The Kevin and Dee show kept Carolina close and ultimately winning in OT. Chris A hit a big left corner three to hush the naysayers and Dee had the block of the year! He must have had R. Kelly’s “I believe I can fly” track on heavy rotation. Charlie pulled out a flu game performance with his 11 pts. Carolina was huffin and puffin without Allan and Alejandro for sure. Team Purple was happy to get Richard back and he was gang-busters all night dropping shots from midrange to 3 pointers to drives to the hoop. Complete game but just fell short. The bucket exchange leading up to overtime was bananas. Santi attacked the paint with his 12. Jose continues to hit big late game shots and also put the lock down on Charles on the last play forcing overtime. game stats Game3 – Red at Gold (“Chef Afan with the shot boi!”)   Takeaways: Highest score in a game, in the history of the league was posted on this night! Give it up for Afan for dropping 48 on the Gold squad that I thought had a chance to finally give this team their first lost Ervin was dropping cross overs left and right, while the Murphy-Joel connection converted on multiple 3pointers Red team continues to set the shooting bar high, you must pick them up at half court because you never know they might pull up on you at half. Myro was cold for the night but that didn’t matter because someone needed to hose down the office of Saleem-Saddique because it was on fire! Afan hit 10 3s while Hamza finished with 5.  Kanav’s best game so far with high efficiency of going 6 for 9 Don’t be shocked, but the game is evolving …. Team Red went 16 for 57 3 pointers. Yes that’s 57 attempted 3 pointers, 3ball is the new dunk! game stats This is what it feels like when you’re playing this Red...

Men’s League Winter 2016-2017 Week4 Results

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Team Standings [table id=24 /] Game1 – Purple at Black   Takeaways:   ‘Battle of the Winless’ went down as one of the best games of the season needing two overtimes to get a decision. Jose with a big left corner three to take it to first overtime and ‘Santi’ Claus delivered the presents for the black team in the second overtime with a huge 3 of his own, ballgame! If you had 6 more turnovers and did not protect the boards from 15 offensive big ones then there’s a good chance you might loose. Team black hopes 2017 will be a whole different story game stats Game2 – Red at Carolina   Takeaways:   ‘Battle of the Undefeated’ went down as a classic with Carolina getting a chance to tie late in the game but fell short with some questionable calls 🙂 Red went 19 for 37 in 3-pointers, apparently Carolina didn’t get the memo that these are a group of snipers, with Myro and Hamza leading the attack. Afan was somewhat contained with his below average 18pts Rd 2 of round robin should be awesome! With Carolina missing a couple of key pieces in Dee and Alejandro, they still managed to keep this game close. Kevin finished with 25 while Charles finished with 16 Red was so efficient that they took 11 less shots than the opponent and still took got the victory, team to beat for sure as they remain perfect for the season! game stats Game3 – Green at Gold   Takeaways:   Hats  off the the green team as this proved to be the upset of the night! Considering they didn’t have their big man in Carlo, Nowell stepped up with 12 boards to help out the squad. Ford continues his super efficient performance shooting 9-for-13, nearly 70%. Bal lit it up with his 5 3-pointers Ervin “Tim Hortons” Campbell did his usual damage, with double-doubles! 22 pts, 17 boards and 7 assists ….. I have no doubt he will get the triple dip before the season is over. Keep in mind Dexter and Marwin was not dressed for this game and gold really needs Bob back from that ankle injury but Alvin Sr. played a huge part in this game with his 12 pts game summary is almost even across the board but green hitting more 3’s I think was the difference game...

Men’s League Winter 2016-2017 Stats

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[table id=24 /]                      ...

Men’s League Winter 2016-2017 Week3 Results

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Game1 – Black at Gold Takeaways: Rio stepped up for team black this week scoring 12 on 4 3 pointers, still not enough with Christian’s 20 to get them their first win for the season Big night for Alvin Jr. scoring 19 for team gold having a super efficient game going 8 for 11 inside the arc Murphy chipped in with 10, while Ervin did his usual with 17 and monster 19 on the boards looking at the side by side, the black team’s loss could be caused by having more turnovers game stats   Game2 – Purple at Red Takeaways: Purple squad is also quickly realizing this league is no joke as they too are facing an 0 and 3 start. Lots of fouls committed got the Red team in early bonus The Red ‘Huskies’ of North Delta continued to howl with their main scorers in Afan (28), Hamza (22) and Kanav (16). Can they go 4-0 in week4? This is what you call a ‘volume’ game, between the two teams … 45 shots converted out of 123! Whoa, good thing we don’t have a shot clock in this league game stats     Game3 – Carolina at Green Takeaways: Give the game ball to Carlo for team green in week3, 7 for 8 in the field finishing with 14pts. Louie finally came and dropped 8 pts for his first game with the squad Give the game ball to James for team carolina, James went off with 24 pts going 7 for 15 beyond the arc. Even with a depleted roster, all players scored that night and found a way to win, together. They remain 3 and 0. game...

Men’s League Winter 2016-2017 Week2 Results

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Game1 – Red at Black Takeaways Afan decided to top week1 scoring by going 9 for 15 beyond the arc finishing with 36, teammate Hamza and Kanav combined for 23 to help with the victory Christian continues to carry most of the scoring for team black with 32 and they continue to struggle with balanced scoring game stats   Game2 – Carolina at Gold Takeaways Dee is the top scorer for team Carolina on week2 but a well balanced attack once again with 4 guys almost in the double digits Ervin’s 19 and Marwin’s 10 helped rally team Gold for a late run but fell short to Carolina. Did not help when Joel went 0 for 9 beyond the arc. game stats     Game3 – Green at Purple Takeaways The trio of Bal (13), Ford (13) and Macky (12) took care of business against the youngbloodz The trio of Jose (12), Santi (12) and Richard (14) did not get enough help for the rest of the squad, now they find themselves 0 and 2 to start the season game...

Men’s League Winter 2016-2017 Week1 Results

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Welcome back ballers! It’s good to be back on the court for this years Men’s League. Very happy to have added two more young squads to the league this year. Sorry no shot charts collected for week1     Game1 – Purple at Gold Takeaways Joel’s first game in the league, he drops 27 pts shooting 60% on 6 for 10 3’s Bob with the 11 helpers Ervin watched from the backseat with 8pts but cleaned up on the boards with 13 William and Richard tagged team combining for 21 for Purple and didn’t really get much help from the rest of the crew. All good fellas 1st week game stats       Game2 – Black at Carolina Takeaways Big Christian and Ian duo combined for 27 Kevin went off with 20 while Dee, Alejandro and Charles balanced out the attack game stats     Game3 – Red at Green Takeaways 8 3 balls to start the season for Afan, and he was the high scorer for the night with 33 total pts Hamza was not far behind with his own 6 long balls finishing with 29 for the night Macky was too hot to handle with his 21 while Nowell and Ford combined for 32 game...

204 Men’s Basketball – 2016 Fall Registration Now Open!

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Welcome back ballers! Shot outs to Red team from their league championship last year. Will they defend or will we crown a new champ this Fall/Winter! League Info and Format 5 on 5 format 22 min halves, stop clock last 2 mins if score differential is 10 pts or less 2 timeouts per half, no carry-over, 1 per overtime 8 team fouls for bonus, double-bonus at 10 5 personal fouls before disqualification certified referees 4 teams double round robin OR 6 teams single round, plus playoffs and finals captains with options of draft and non-draft players minimum 8 players per team jerseys with number choice team and individual awards wind-up celebrations $125 per player Dates registration deadline, Oct 31 2016 draft night and deadline for league payment, Nov 7 2016 week1, Nov 21 2016 week2, Nov 28 2016 week3, Dec 5 2016 week4, Dec 12 2016 week5, Dec 19 2016 Christmas and New Years Break week6, Jan 9 2017 week7, Jan 16 2017 week8, Jan 23 2017 playoffs, Jan 30 2017 finals, Feb 6 2017 ** subject to change Step1: Fill out Player Info   Loading…     Step2: Fill out Waiver Form   Loading… Step3: League Payment $125 via etransfer to ramil@204customs.com cheque payable to 204 Customs cash FEES DEADLINE: Monday, Nov. 7...

House League – 2016 Fall Edition

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  Proud to announce that we will be hosting our own house league starting Sept. 17, 2016. This will be open to two divisions for youth boys in the lower mainland. JV Division – players entering Grades 9 or 10 (2016-2017) Varsity Division – players entering Grades 11 or 12 (2016-2017) Format Full court 5on5 20min halves running time house league refs $750 per team, max 12 players … payable by PayPal, e-transfer, cash or cheque on week1 teams can bring their own jerseys (light/dark) … rosters required for week1 6 teams per division, single round-robin + playoffs 10-weeks in length (expect by weeks on schedule) Top 4 teams to finish in each division will receive awards/swag Sept 17th start – Nov 19th, 2016 Game times between 9:00am and 1:00pm Registration Deadline – Sept 10, 2016 Invitee List Panorama Ridge Sullivan Seaquam Secondary North Delta Secondary Delview Burnaby South Vancouver College St. George’s A.R. MacNeill Killarney St. Particks Holy Cross St, Thomas More Queen Elizabeth Princess Margaret Johnston Heights Enver Creek Guildford Park Tweedsmuir Tamanawis Yale Abbotsford Technical W.J. Mouat MEI Southridge Regent Christian Brookswood Walnut Grove Kwantlen Park Semiahmoo Pinetree Terry Fox as well as local/travel Elite club players Email us ramil@204customs.com or text/call 604.763.5361 for more...

PR vs 204 Selects – Xmas 2014 Edition

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Last exhibition run for the 2014 season with a playdate setup between 204 Customs Selects, Panorama Ridge and Killarney. Takeaways: not feeling pretty happy about rolled ankles on a few PR players, hopefully those kids can recover quick enough for their school seasons 204 had too many unforced errors seeing guys getting an offensive board on a free-throw is great for the offensive team but not acceptable for the defensive side ‘penetrate and dish’ works, you just have to know when to use it …….. i.e. when the defense gets sucked in and a teammate rotates for a passing angle close game overall, came down to free-throws with 2 clutch free throws from PR to seal the deal PR put on a good press that managed to draw a few turnovers The end result, Killarney 2-0, Pano 1-1, 204 0-2 …….. good turnout with players and guests so the gym was rockin! ‘hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard’ [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ6SN6NHcGo’] [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wUqGoQON8Q’] [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI-g6SiH0_0′] [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MWxmu9WT7Y’] [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8B2VmP7Tpk’] [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkZ9_kV6RIg’] [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpfmelhKtPE’] [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDPRWj4uH2s’] [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MeeeIwiUks’] [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1FWxZJOE-g’] [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-yizf1Y9f4′]...

204 Select U15 Fall vs Princess Margaret Secondary

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First high school contest for the year against our neighbours from Princess Margaret. They had size on paper but the squad managed to exploit their weakness which was their poor care of the ball. Takeaways: 47 – 31 victory Rattled start but by middle of first half we were in control We out-rebounded them 33-27 We had 18 steals to their 4 We had 7 turnovers to their 20 they fouled twice as much play execution was much improved on the man to man offensive sets, also saw better ball movement on the zone our bigs crashed the boards, but we gotta keep off those loose ball fouls and try to get better positioning instead saw some good post moves with thought-through moves, aka not rushed! Enjoy the box scores and shot...

Dreamhoops 2K14 Fall League Week6 – vs UNC TarHeels

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2nd go round with this team brought good results … Takeaways: 39 – 32 victory Out-rebounded them Our 8 steals to their 1 Our 8 free throws to their 0 We survived their comeback as they had a strong 2nd half Big game for Anand with 17 Cameron with 5 assists and 4 steals Enjoy the box scores and shot charts!

Dreamhoops 2K14 Fall League Week5 – vs Huskies

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Pretty close game all through out but the team managed to pull out a win on a couple of key plays at the end. Highlights: our young bloods took 20 of the 39 shots, great sign of aggressiveness and confidence (for Ethan and Shan) missing key free throws at the end was crucial but having cushion helped preserve the lead and ultimately the win Cameron had a bad game but provided 3 key steals in the last two minutes of the game Justin goes for 100% shooting in the field! Switching to 2-3 zone in the last 18 secs of the game from man-to-man the whole game really threw off the opposing team Click here to check out the box scores and shot chart! See you guys this Saturday where we play the UNC Tar Heels at 4pm.

Dreamhoops 2K14 Fall League Week3 – vs Spartans

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Good to see us get more buckets in the paint in this game because there wasn’t a whole lot of pressure from the top. Takeaways: our 3pt shooting continues to be a work in progress, but good to see guys not hesitating on those shots shorter, less aggressive team manages to out-rebound us by one we shot almost twice as much they did in 2pt range, and we hit almost 50% of them they shot 8 more threes with 23 attempts Click here for box scores and shot charts! See you guys on Thursday!

Dreamhoops 2K14 Fall League Week2 – vs Hoyas

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Tougher Week2 that’s for sure! Takeaways: 4 for 6 on the free throw line is an improvement they shot 50% compared to our 25% we were outrebounded, 30 to 20 our 18 turnovers to their 5 their 11 steals to our 6 we had a slow start but managed to climb back when we started to handle the zone pressure and started attacking the zone eliminated our post plays that we had prepared for all week I will address this type of zone pressure defense on Thursday night’s practice. We have to attack right in the middle by the free throw line and penetrate for a dump off to our bigs their pressure threw us off early and we had a mountain to climb early Click here for the box scores and shot chart! Please bring your 204 jersey sets to practice just in case we get everybody at the same time for team pictures, thanks and have a great week! Schedule...

Dreamhoops 2K14 Fall League Week1 – vs UNC

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Great start to the Fall season with a close game that we failed to close out. Takeaways: No hesitation on our shots Our advancement of the ball was good Man to man defense was good Our transition defense was mediocre, they got a lot of easy buckets We lacked in finding bodies for boxing out Our pick and roll defense needs to be tightened up 0 for 8 on the free throw line will only result in a loss Butterfinger syndrome with receiving passes Week1 Stats – please click here Sportsmanship I would also like to talk about sportsmanship and the spirit of competition. Dreamhoops contacted me yesterday about a few parents that allegedly confronted the organizer about “making noises during free throws“.  We huddled in our post-game meeting and the team didn’t feel that this was an issue and there were no beefs about the calls being made. This was strictly a parents issue. There are absolutely no rules against making noises during free throws. I’m sure most of you have attended live NBA games and distractions during free throws is an important part of the game. We cannot control what other teams and fans do, we can only focus on what we do. I wish those parents would have approached me first and I could have helped address the issue. You are not only representing 204 Customs Basketball, you are representing your boys, your families. We felt the game last night was clean and calls were evenly made. These in-game activities, combined with physical play and hostile environment should be nothing new now in highly competitive Grade 9 Basketball. We want to remind you though that future games will be 10x more intense than that game yesterday. I have now been given a warning for two of our parents and the next time this happens, they will be ejected (which has happened in the past to us) and banned from the games. We want to continue to keep the focus on the kids’ progress on the court and these distractions add another layer of complexity in managing a team. The last thing we want is for our parents to miss supporting their young adults. This is not just an issue for the Dreamhoops league, this will happen in other leagues and exhibition games as well.  If parents still feel strongly about this point, we fully respect that and would like to provide the following option. The boys are welcome to join our practice and training sessions but will not be eligible to play in any games. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the Dreamhoops registration as that is now paid for, the jerseys are yours to keep. The 2014 Fall 204 jerseys will still be completed and yours to keep We are adding an addendum to the 204 waiver forms to address this type of issue and will give you an option to opt out of the games or continue on with the full program. We believe in play-fair competition and we don’t condone any unsportsmanlike conduct whether it’s done to us or our players/parents behaving on and off the court. That responsibility is on me as a coach and I will do my best to address referees/organizers if I feel there is a need. I don’t think this would have happened if the outcome of the game was different and that doesn’t teach the boys anything about a graceful loss. This game is not only about physical strength, more importantly I think is the mental toughness and if you don’t feel that this is something you don’t want your sons’ to be a part of then we fully respect that decision. Let’s look forward to week 2 and stay together! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork Now on a lighter note, checkout some of these online vids [yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vSb1o0Inag’]   BC Senior Boys Basketball Environment – http://sportscanada.tv/index.php/basketball/hs-bb/bc-hs-basketball/senior-boys/316...