2017 – 2018 Men’s League Week6 Results

on Nov 21, 2017 in Basketball, League, Men's Basketball, Stats

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Takeaways from Week6


Game1 – was a dandy!  Back and forth affair with league leading players going at it. Both teams had firepower and size but in the end Gold managed a 3 pt victory. Balanced scoring from Gold and Carolina with their big three of Dave-Karmal-Peter did most of the damage. Watch for these two in the February playoffs

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Game2 – Team White’s energy always a given and the 20 pt victory over Green bumped them to 2nd place in the power rankings. Francis brought the heat early, Santi, Chadley and Joseph put in the finishing touches. Without Ervin once again, Franz and Joel was left to carry the load without much help from others

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Game3 – Royal Team might as well play 2 on 5 if Afan (40pts) and Noman (30pts) drops every night. Obviously, guys are not doing their scouting reports. Ford with a late push in the second half was not enough to get Purple a win

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