204 Customs Men’s Basketball – 2014 Fall Week6

on Oct 9, 2014 in Men's Basketball

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Game1: “Silver is the new Black”


I swear to God I thought I was looking at my Grade9 team’s shot chart. Black continues to struggle in the points department with now a 2-game losing streak. A lot of missed lay-ups in the paint would have kept the game close but we gotta figure out a way to move that ball more often. It got physical early and it sustained because the game ended with 27 fouls total between the two teams.

For a while I thought Daniel was playing a baseball game cuz he sure looked like he was playing a perfect game. Imagine going 5 for 5 in 2pt range, 1 for 1 in 3pt range, 4 for 6 on the free-throw line, 4 rebs, 3 helpers and 1 steal ………… WOW, impeccable efficiency! Daniel, whatever you had prior to that game, please do the exact opposite before the semis, Black don’t need a stat line like that again. Brad could have been playing for In-N-Out Burgers with his version of a double-double, he served up 24 pts and 17 rebs! Quiet night for Christian (good to see him take a 3pt shot),  The Bal Brothers were like Windex, great for cleaning the glass … with 17 boards together. No wonder they walked away with the 69-54 victory.

Click here for the box scores and shot chart




Game2: Ian the “Iceman” makes his debut


Team Purple is on a 3 game winning streak! Ian’s breakout party was quite the performance. Regulation time was not enough to settle the score and this game came down to heart and effort. Lot’s of ups and downs and I’ll bet that was more entertainment than your Raptors and Kings pre-season game from Sunday.

The difference to Ian’s game that night was that he never settled for the 3. He could have been called the Ginsu knife, because of his ability to cut through the defense and score And1 after And1’s. He went 7 for 12 inside the arc and 9 for 12 on the free-throw line, sounds like a Karl Malone stat line. Alejandro also did some damage with 19 of his own, 6 for 8 in 2pt range and 2 for 4 outside the arc. It reminded me of the Twilight Movie series … young vampires out for blood! Ian, Alejandro and Jas killed it with 50 of the team’s 64 pts.

Joshua started the game off hot and ended up with 11 pts on 5 for 5 inside the arc and big 3pt shot in the second half. MVP for the Red team was Matthew hands down. He brought the rebounding energy at key moments in the game none bigger than the offensive putback to send the game into OT. Chris Ascuncion took that final shot early in the shot clock with about 5-seconds left in overtime. I think they could have gotten a better shot than a fading-left distance 3 but he vowed that he would come back with a vengeance. I can’t wait for the rematch during the semis!

Click here for the box scores and shot chart



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