204 Classic

on Aug 26, 2010 in 204 Projects, Basketball, Events

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I just wanna say Thank You to all the fellas that came out and supported the 1st Annual 204 Classic.¬† Thanks to the Richmond Oval crew for hooking us up with a Team Room and an enjoyable 3 hrs. We can’t wait to do it again!

Special thanks to John D for taking the time during his BC vacation to make an appearance. Good to see that you and your family are back home safe in CGY. There was a heavy Maples contingent representing that night, it’s too bad we couldn’t get the rest of the fellas together. A few Sisler homies and of course can’t forget about the St. B ballers. I hope all had a good time and I thought it was funny when one of the comments I heard was, “I’m tired, this is much bigger than Tyndall!” Hells yeah!

Congrats to our Give Away winners:

Mark B for the embroidered sweatshirt, Mike F for the performance top and Ryan A for the custom embroidered hat.

My goal is to have a 2nd Annual, 3rd Annual, 4th Annual ……………so on and so forth. Enjoy whatever pics I could take and also, the last BUMP¬†game of the night in video format.